Land of the free? who ever told you that is your enemy!

Know Your Enemy
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This community is not only based on anti-bush but based on debates. The community is used to express yourself and your opinion on whats going on in the world weathe rit be Bush, Canada, laws, rights, freedom, etc. The main purpose of starting this community was for my hate of president Bush but is furthered into debates and such so Bush supports don't be afraid to join.
Community ran by: dysfunxion

  • RULES:
    1.) This community has debates and in ever debate there are opinions. Everyone has a right to their own opinion so please no offsensive remarks towards another person just because they don't have the same opinion as you do.

    2.) If you have a picture to post thats larger then normal screen size or if you have multiple pictures, please add them under a LJ cut (see FAQ for code).

    3.) This is more of a anti Bush community however, pro-Bush supports are welcomed to join to express their opinion as we all are without reciveing any offensive remarks (results in being banned)

    4.) Have fun and enjoy your freedom.