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Land of the free? who ever told you that is your enemy! [entries|friends|calendar]
Know Your Enemy

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[21 Feb 2005|02:43pm]

[ mood | calm ]

hii! my name is gabriela (gabi).
im 13 years old.
i guess the party i like the most is democrat and im anti-bush cuz well he sucks! how can such a bad president be reelected?!?!?! wat has america turned to! anyways is there an application for this community? if there is can some1 give it to me so i can fill it out. ok well if u guys got any questions ask me. ok l8ers!


[12 Feb 2005|04:02pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

this happens to be on my livejournal but for memebers who don't veiw it i fugred this would be a good place to post my rant to the letter to the editor of the local virginia newspaper.

I'm from virginia and in past week we've gotten two new laws they i dispise. sagging in public=$50 fine and the gay marriage ban in VA. so with that said heres my letter to the editor. damn virginia!

--Virginia is for lovers:
Everyone seems to have their own opinion, their own beliefs, and make their own choices. Luckily having freedom of speech in America is still avaible for citizen's use. So I'm writing to not only state an opinion but a belief. America's freedom drops down day by day with all 50 states passing unnecessary laws. The state of Virginia has now passed two as of late. First, a law passed that that states: If you’re caught in public wearing your pants below waist line and his or her underwear showing in an indecent manner, you are fined $50. This has to be one of the most unnecessary laws in Virginia. We now have people telling us how to dress? That you can not express yourself in a certain style? They have taken away part of our freedom to express ourselves. Sagging is a style and yet I'll admit I do not like to see a person's underwear as they walk through a public store struggling to hold their pants up. But, I don't have to look in that direction. I have eyes and movement in my neck to simply turn my head. So how is this offensive? Maybe some think its down right un-American! Any excuse to take some freedom from us. Not only is it simple enough to avoid to look at but, why would you be looking at someone’s backside and or waist line in the first place? Its beginning to where you can almost outlaw anything you wish. I'm beginning to wonder if I was to start a petition of outlawing mullet hair cuts and use the excuse of it being an indecent and offensive haircut, with signatures and few votes favoring it, that law could be passed. Second thing passed in Virginia recently was the gay marriage ban. Reading the article I noticed Adam Ebbin put it so well when he said "Today is one of those moments for which we shall one day be ashamed." He added that discrimination is discrimination. Discrimination doesn’t mean just race, sex, age, or religion. Banning gay marriage is discrimination and once again taken part of our freedom. Why is it a problem for gays to be happy? Because its against the bible? Not everyone believes in the same religion. One thing thats hasn’t fully been taken away from us yet is our freedom of religion. So why is it that gays can't be married? Is it hurting or killing anyone for two men or two women to get married? Aswell if your straight, why does their rights even concern you? What reasons do you have to be against gay marriage? None which are exceptable. It’s close minded and its going against our so called land of to free that many American citizens take pride in living in a free country. How can you call it free when documents such as this are being passed. Love is an emotion. Emotions are not easy to control. Some people chose not to control this emotion and some people do. Love is love and as long as it isn’t killing you for gays to be married then why is this banning passed? So here’s my opinion. Two things passed in the state of Virginia. Things are being taken from us bit by bit and we are going into a futher of extreme discrimination and it’s something everyone should be prepared to be ashamed for. In the past this country has made huge mistakes. One being that’s typical is slavery that resulted in things such as the KKK. We have hate due to color, hate for the life style of gays, religion, opinions, etc. We have a government that’s main focuses is money, and a president that’s main concern seems to be war. Finally, with all this said. The land we took away from the Indians to have as our own land of freedom is slowly dropping everyday due to laws that don't even concern, hurt, or damage you in anyway. We are heading into a world of hate, war and discrimination all together. Hopefully one day the people responsible and the supports of things such as this will open their eyes and realize this before its too late.


Gay Blood Donations [11 Feb 2005|04:52pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Today in my school, there was a blood drive. Since there are a large amount of democrats and equal-rights activists, there was also a booth where you sign a petition. The petition was to end a law written in 1973 [?] that said that a man who had sex with a man is not allowed to donate blood. I was absolutely enfuriated to hear that this was a law, and of course signed the petition. I know that they used to call AIDS the "gay disease," but now we know that it has nothing to do with being gay [even though it's still active in the gay community], but rather it comes from the use of infected needles, having unprotected sex with an infected person, etc. So then why on earth would this law still be in effect? Please explain/agree with me, I'm very confused how this could still exist. Thanks! -Hannah

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Welcome.. [10 Feb 2005|08:51am]

[ mood | creative ]

Eh, little or maybe no memeber yet but I'm working on advertisen the community so if you chose to join thank you and feel free to post as hopefully more people will join.

One thing I'm thinking bout doing with this community to make it more interesting is a weekly debate. People are allowed to start their own debates and add their opinions in here but at same time I thought I'd make it interesting to add a weekly debate evert one or 2 weeks on different subjects and have people respnd to the subject with their own opinion. anyway, hopefully I'll do that when more memebers are joined in so if you wish please help support the advertisen of this community. thank you

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